Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child eligible for a cake?
We serve all individuals and families that have a child with a Congenital Heart Defect. No age limit! We also serve families that have a heart child in Heaven.

How do you verify a families eligibility?
We ask that you first email us and request an application form. This form will inform us of your childs CHD and we ask about your child's story. Your story could also be featured as our Heart Warrior of the Month on our website!

Do you take outside orders for purchase?
No. We are a non-profit charitable organization and only serve our heart families.

I have heard such good things about your cakes though, how can I get one?
We do several fundraisers throughout the year and bring our cupcakes to every one of them! This is a great way for you to experience Cakes From Grace cakes and support a good cause at the same time! Watch our blog to see where we will be next!

Is there a limit to how many cakes you will make for one family?
No. This is what we do! We have so many heart families that keep coming back for several occasions throughout the year. Whether it's a surgery coming up, a coming home from the hospital celebration, or a birthday, etc.

Can you accommodate my childs dietary restrictions?
Absolutley! We do Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, and Peanut Free cakes! We keep all equipment involved separate and sterilized when making any of these cakes.

What about quality of ingredients?
We make all our own recipes from scratch with the freshest and purest of ingredients. We use classic and cutting edge techniques to create each individual cake that is truly unique and superior in quality. We use fresh, whole strawberries, bricks of dark chocolate and even that cookie on top of your cupcake is made from scratch, nothing is store bought! Our cakes are always freshly baked and iced and never touch a freezer!

What are your flavors?
If your application is accepted, we will send you a list of our cake flavors. We always like to create new flavors too!

How do you design the cakes?
We ask our heart warriors what kind of theme they want for their cake and any other specifics and we go from there. We use our awesome buttercream frosting or cream cheese frosting (depending on the cake flavor) to decorate all our cakes. Working with buttercream and piping all our designs is what we do best. We do not use fondant on our cakes. We believe everything put on a cake should be eaten and should be yummy. We are a strong proponent for healthy eating and cakes are no exception. After all, these cakes are for heart patients and we want to give their bodies something pure and natural.

Is there a cost for the cake?
We are a charity so cakes are free of charge, regardless of financial need. If you are in a position to do so, we gratefully accept donations. Your donations help us to purchase supplies and ingredients to make our cakes!

How much notice do we need for a cake request?
We like to schedule orders as far in advance as possible (as much as 6 months) Any requests with less than 2 weeks notice will not be accepted.

So you're based in Minnesota, but I live in another state. Can I still get a cake?
Right now we aspire to make cakes outside of Minnesota, but do not have the capacity to do so. Currently we are looking for decorators out of state. See question below.

How can I help Cakes From Grace?
By donating you are making these cakes happen! You are helping us make these kiddos' day! Whether you want to give the gift of money to help us buy supplies, or if you want to donate supplies; flour, sugar, cocoa powder, etc. Or maybe you want to help us raise money. Come out to one of our fundraisers! Or maybe your company or organization would want to hold one on our behalf. Please contact us!

How can I get involved, do you need volunteers?
We would LOVE your help! We need help with transporting cupcakes to fundraisers and "housing" our cupcakes overnight if we are traveling outside of the Twin Cities. If you want to help at a fundraiser we need help with set up and tear down as well as someone to help "sell” the cupcakes at the table. Are you a cake decorator/baker? We are looking for decorators to expand our outreach into other states. Please contact us if you would like to help with any of these volunteer opportunities.